REST: A Transatlantic Reflection

The AfroFeminist Transatlantic Collaboration, collectively reflected on the notion of REST in this moment, responding to the idea and practice of rest: as an antidote, a rebellion, and a refusal. with artists Minneapolis based artist Amoke Kubat, Ain Bailey (UK) and Rehana Zaman (UK).  Part of a Mn Artists series of articles curated by guest editor Christina Schmid examining the subtle and symbolic manifestations of violence that pervade contemporary life. 
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Virgo Dreams Garden Soundlab

Rest, Dream and Co-Create, Through Afrofeminist Community Soundmaking

An afternoon of sacred sharing through healing sound, rest, art, play, and being with other African-ascendant people in safety and peace.

Season: Harvest

Colors:  Mauve, Peach, Sapphire, Yellow, and, Amethyst

Element: Earth

Place: In-person with masks and social distancing in Sayge’s Yard

People:  Black people with love in their hearts and art in their spirits.

This is a first in a series of seasonal community offerings envisioned and organized by the Afrofeminist Transatlantic Collaboration produced by Sayge Caroll, Ego Ahaiwe-Sowinki, and Zenzele Isoke in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Minnesota.

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