Project 1

Afro-Feminist Sound, Touch, and Speculation in Twin Cities and London

This project explores Afrofeminist forms of cultural organization and knowledge-making in London and the Twin Cities. This project magnifies and gives center stage to the visual, material, and performative characteristics of arts-centered, transatlantic collaboration. In this project we ask, how does Afrofeminist collaborative artmaking serve a critical function in the formation of diaspora as both political aspiration and solidarity for feminist futures in urban settings?  Following in the onto-epistemic footsteps of Toni Cade Bambara: our goal is to shift attention away Afrofeminist artists who have achieved national and international acclaim, instead we seek to creates the intimacies necessary to gain access to the “back closet” of Afrofuturist feminist artists/activists who are unacknowledged and under-curated works archive contemporary protest histories of the black diasporic metropolis.  The complex histories of black migration require a critical inquiry into how intramural community dynamics expressed through collaborative artmaking produce diverse meanings and practices of black movement, migration, and protest in urban space.

Our goal is to identify how black feminists protest against geographic dispossession through visual, material, and sound art. 

These events are envisioned and organized by the Afrofeminist Transatlantic Collaboration produced by Sayge Caroll, Ego Ahaiwe-Sowinski, and Zenzele Isoke in partnership with Imagine Fund.

Project 2

Black Feminist Laboratories of Rest, Dream, and Co-Creation

Discourses around healing have proliferated in communities of color given the severe onslaught of racial trauma brought about by mass incarceration, the militarization of urban police forces, and resegregation globally.  At the same time, clarity around the meaning and practice of healing in communities remains elusive.  We propose a series of workshop gatherings to explore how to use art to unlearn reactive responses to racialized gender trauma that mark 21st century life for people of African descent.  Working in collaboration with black female artists in the United Kingdom and Minneapolis, we will forge co-creative spaces for collaborative artistic engagement dedicated to rest, play, and dream.  

We will be hosting a  series of seasonal community offerings, A sacred sharing through healing sound, rest, art, play, and being with other African-ascendant people in safety and peace. 

These events are envisioned and organized by the Afrofeminist Transatlantic Collaboration produced by Sayge Carroll, Ego Ahaiwe-Sowinki, and Zenzele Isoke in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Minnesota.   

Keywords: African diaspora, black feminism, urban anthropology, community artmaking, black archives, sound